Rethinking Resolutions

Each year, on January 1, millions of Americans make resolutions, including:  “to lose weight,” “to work out,” “to watch less TV” etcetera.

While these are all “wonderful” resolutions, they very quickly.

During the first few days of the New Year, I frequently observe Gym overload.  The gym is packed, almost every machine.  Yet, by the middle- to end- of January, I usually see the gym thinning out to its normal crowd.

Same with food!  The first few days of the year, I see people going on juice fasts, or extreme diets, and within a week or two, people are back to eating what they were, or worse.

This year, I encourage you to Rethink your Resolutions.  Revise your resolutions into specific, actionable, and doable goals.  Goals that will stay with you for the whole year, goals that are Lifestyles.  I give a few suggestions below.


Resolve to “Walk More!”

When I say this, I mean, get out of your car, get off the elevator, and move your body a little bit more!  Instead of driving a few blocks to pick up a few groceries, walk!  Instead of taking the elevator up two floors, walk up the stairs!

These little changes can add up big!

Most Americans take fewer than 10,000 steps a day, and that is the minimum we should be taking on a daily basis.

By walking three blocks each way, or walking up and down a couple floors, we not only burn more calories and stoke our metabolism, but we also oxygenate our blood, improve our mood, and enhance our well being.  It’s easy to do, and will even probably save you time!

Moreover, we do the planet some GOOD!!  When we walk, we are saving the planet from a few pounds of carbon output.  When we walk instead of drive, we save on gas, we save on wear-and-tear on our car.  When we walk instead of take the elevator, we save some coal.

(Yes, I know it’s hard to think that way, but…it is true!).

Instead of looking for that parking spot or sitting in traffic, you will already be shopping in the store for your whole foods!  Instead of waiting for that elevator, you will already be at your destination.

Even if you walk for an additional 5 minutes a day, you may burn enough calories to lose 3 pounds a year!

And…while that does not sound like much, most people only put on 2-5 pounds in a year, so, if you slowly lose weight, like you slowly put it on, you’ll be that much more successful at keeping it off!

However…if you’re really pressed for time!  Run!!


Resolve to “Eat Whole Foods!”

I don’t mean AT Whole Foods, though you certainly can.  I mean, cook and serve foods that are made from single ingredients!  This does not mean you only eat single-foods at a time, but rather, if you make or eat pasta sauce, or you want the ingredients to be food-names you recognize.  ie.  Tomatoes, oregano, thyme, vinegar, etc.  None of this, hydrogenated oils, starches, xanthan gums, or dextrans…who needs it!

Make it your mission to eat clean.

Make it your mission to eat only words you recognize.

Make it your mission to put only the best into your body.

The cleaner you eat, the easier it is to remain healthy, or get on a healthier path, lose weight if you want or need to, and/or feel better.

Now, i’m not saying 100% of your diet has to be perfect and whole-foods based, but the vast majority of it should be!


Resolve to eat more “Plants!”

Yes, I know I tout this a lot…but it’s so good for you and the planet.  So many anti-cancer nutrients, so many ways to prevent heart disease, so many ways to decrease the risk of overweight and obesity!  so many ways to help the planet!  Just by eating more plants!  Especially LOCALLY GROWN plants.

The livestock industry creates as much carbon as the entire transportation industry!  We can reduce our footprint by eating more LOCALLY GROWN AND SUSTAINABLY GROWN plants.

Even reducing your intake of animal products by 1-2 meals per week will dramatically reduce the world’s pollution.

We speak with our wallets folks!


Resolve to “Cook More.”

Cooking at home is good for your wallet and for your waistline.  You control the ingredients, you control the fat and sodium.

You also control the portion size and the number of leftovers you get out of it!  Nothing like leftovers to help your family during the week to save money and calories.

You would be hard pressed to spend near as much money on home-cooked meals as you do on restaurant meals.  So, pad your bank account and do some home-cooking!


Resolve to “Try Mindful Eating!”

What is mindful eating?  It is being aware, being present, and observing the tastes, textures, feel, smells, and flavors of your food.

Imagine (or do it) placing a dried cranberry on your tongue.

Now, take a small bite.  Taste the tartness, feel the saliva in your mouth turn sweet and increase in amount, feel the chewiness of the cranberry.  Smell its sweetness.

Now take another bite, does it feel different this time?  Does it taste different this time?  Do you feel sweetness at the back of your throat as you swallow?

So…don’t eat a whole meal this way, as it will take you hours.  But, do try it every now and then!  You will discover that you don’t need as much food as you thought, and that the food you do eat has way more flavors and textures than you ever imagined.


Resolve to “Be…”

Stop beating yourself up all the time for eating that candy bar, or not exercising today!  It does not do you any good!

You would tell your friend, “Hey!, it’s OK, just resolve to eat cleaner tomorrow and walk more!”

Be your best friend, and do the same.  If you do not work out today, work out tomorrow!  Get back on that wagon!  If you ate too many chocolates, eat cleaner tomorrow.  Just Be!  Do not judge yourself.

This is another premise of mindfulness.

I am no expert at mindfulness, but, I do know that just letting life unfold as it will and to not judge what happens are basic tenets.

Thus, do the same with your resolutions.  Resolve to be, do not judge, and resume your healthy habits as soon as possible.


Resolve to “Ask for Help!”

I’m a dietitian, and, I love to help people with their nutrition and diet questions…this is my bread and butter, so to speak.

That’s why I wrote my ebook!  I wanted to help new moms (and dads) with their breastfeeding questions, infant and toddler nutrition.

I do the same with adults, every day.  I work with heart transplant patients, cardiac patients, head and neck surgical patients, and others.

I can help you too!  Ask, and you shall receive!

I can assist you with recipe selection, diet and lifestyle tweaks, and other nutrition/infant/toddler, pregnancy questions…



The first 10 individuals who request a consultation will receive a 50% discount!  The next 10 will receive a 25% discount!

Also feel free to refer to my ebook!

Happy New Year, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Living!
Pefect Baby Diet


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