So…How was your Thanksgiving?

Each year we come together with family, friends, etc to enjoy a bounty of food.  We give thanks for the food we are eating, give gratitude for the things we have, and spend time with those we love most.


We should!?

Did you know that each year, billions of pounds of food are wasted?

Blemished fruit/vegetables right at the time of picking are often discarded.  Produce that gets tarnished in transport, has bruises, or dents, is tossed in the stores.  Individuals may buy fruits and vegetables only to return them a few days later after no longer needing them.

Did you know that once you return perishable food, it is thrown out?  It is never re-sold?

We waste so much food in this country, it is amazing.  We could feed so many people with the food that is trashed.

So, it is at Thanksgiving, that we need to remember ALL that we HAVE; our privilege.

What was on your menu?  Was it filled with Turkey, stuffing, casseroles, pies, and pastries?  Or was it filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, served in their more natural setting?

It is interesting that we adulterate our food as much as we do.  We no longer eat a baked yam, or steamed green beans.  Instead, and this is of course regional, we eat sweet-potato pie, or green-bean casserole.  We eat food with many more ingredients than nature put into them.

I’m not saying this is wrong, I just find it interesting how different cultures have different traditions and ideas about food.

I prefer my Thanksgiving feast to be as close to nature as possible.  I like flavorful, natural food.  Yes, many would consider my Thanksgiving to be “bland” by their standards.  But, I can name all the ingredients in my food…

For that, I am Thankful.

Did you also know that between Halloween/Thanksgiving and New Years, many people gain 2-5 pounds?

Adding 2-5 pounds each year (and then if lucky, losing part of that), over a lifetime will slowly lead to weight-creep. By eating the fewest-ingredient foods, you are much less likely to put on that weight, and much more likely to maintain or lose weight.

So, I urge you to eat mindfully, think about what you put on your plate, how you prepare your food, and to consider that “outside of the box” eating may actually be preparing your food in a healthier way.  I also urge you to have gratitude for what you have, everyday; for the food you eat, for the roof over your head, and for the friends and family in your lives.

Peace. Love. Gratitude. Giving-Thanks.


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