Nutrition Simply? Please, it’s always difficult!

Meeting our nutritional needs should be simple.  We need energy to live and function properly, metabolically, mentally, and physically.  Yet, there are so many challenges in our food environment that make eating simply, often, very difficult.  There are social pressures, societal pressures, time pressures, economic pressures, and of course, family pressures.

When we work all day, or have young children to take care of, it can be exhausting to even think about putting a meal on the table.

However, I have tips, strategies, and practical advice for how to address these every stressors.

I work full time as a clinical dietitian.  I have been working, for the past 10.5 years at one of the top-5 hospitals in the nation.  I see patients on a daily basis who require hand holding sometimes.

I am an adjunct professor at a top-tier school as well.  I teach a nutrition course on chronic disease; many of which, by the way, can be prevented with proper nutrition.

I have a toddler-son, who some days eats like an angel, anything we put in front of him, while, on other days, will not touch anything!

I can relate to the many quandaries that you have when it comes to the desire for eating healthy foods.  However, I have experience in creating, producing, and sharing healthy meals that are good for you, taste good, and nourish the body.

I have experience in creating infant- and toddler-meals, breastfeeding, pre- and postnatal nutrition, and general adult diets from low sodium, to diabetic, to low potassium or phosphorus.

I have the knowledge and experience to address any medical nutrition therapy needed, as well as, weight-loss questions.

I have a certification as an indoor cycling instructor and have a daily exercise regimen.  If I can fit it in with working full time, having a child, dog, and husband, then I can help you work through any barriers you might have.  It is up to you to mindfully decide that healthful and nutritious eating is the right path for you.

Finally, with my vast years of experience, I have been asked by magazines, online media, news reporters, and others, nutrition questions, some of which were tough and required research on my part (I love research!).

So, in closing, If you can imagine it, I can probably answer it.

Feel free to take a look at my E-Book on Kindle:  The Perfect Baby Diet.

If you are interested in making an appointment with me, please, send me a message or post a comment!


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